Humboldt County Wildflowers

I spoke with Cliff Berkowitz on KHUM’s Happy Trails about places to visit–starting now–to explore spectacular Humboldt County wildflowers. Flowers start flowering early because of the temperate nature of the region. This means that you can find wildflowers starting in January near the coast, all the way to June and July inland in our mountains.

Humboldt County wildflowers

January-February Bloomers

Slinkpod (Scoliopus bigelovii)

Fetid Adder’s Tongue (Scoliopus bigelovii)

Trillium (Trillium spp.)

March-April Bloomers

Ladyslipper orchid (Calypso bulbosa)



May-June Bloomers

chickweed monkeyflower (Erythranthe alsinoides)

Visit the Klamath Mountains

2 Replies to “Humboldt County Wildflowers”

  1. I am trying to discover the name of a flower which may be or not be a wildflower. It has pretty nodding white blossoms with yellow stamens and when picked the stem has an onion scent. It is quite common. It has 6 petals in the blossom.

    1. Doris- It is a pretty flower, but non-native to California. Here is a LINK to more information on CalFlora.

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